A survey

TD Diversity Inclusiveness Survey


To assess our progress in making TD an inclusive place to work.


The first Diversity Inclusiveness Survey was conducted in 2007 to determine employees’ feelings about the level of inclusiveness at TD and to better understand the demographic makeup of the organization. TD conducted a follow-up survey in 2009 to help measure the progress that has been made over the past few years in creating an inclusive environment for all TD employees.

Questions about demographics were asked to allow results to be presented based on TD’s diversity areas of focus. All employees across Canada were invited to participate in the survey, and more than 45% (21,012) of Canadian-based TD employees completed it.

The Inclusiveness Index

The survey asked employees about career opportunities, their team environment and the organization overall. The Inclusiveness Index is the average of ratings given to the following five key statements by participating employees and the index measures the perceived level of inclusiveness:

  • I am treated with respect and dignity at work.
  • I feel included in my team.
  • My team demonstrates that we understand the different needs and expectations of all types of employees.
  • TD has taken appropriate action to address the issues of diversity for all employees.
  • Overall, I am satisfied working at TD.


2009 2007
Overall favourable responses 89% 86%
Women 90 86
Visible minorities 86 82
People with disabilities 84 79
LGBTA 87 80
Aboriginal Peoples 88 86
Note: We conduct this survey every two years.


“The results clearly show we’re making good progress in our initiatives but we’re on a journey and, until every employee feels there are no barriers or obstacles to reaching his or her full potential, we’ll still have work to do," says Bill Hatanaka, Group Head Wealth Management, and Chair of the Diversity Leadership Council.