A mentoring session
TD employee Matilda Rozario mentors new immigrant to Canada Della Perwitasari

TRIEC (Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council) and the National Mentoring Initiative


TRIEC works to improve access to employment for immigrants. In 2009, TD wanted to build on the program’s success and help roll out this model on a national scale.


The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership builds relationships between professional mentors and new immigrants. The program is designed for immigrants who possess the education, experience and language skills needed to excel in the workforce. All they need are the connections and knowledge that can only be gained from real-life experience.

The Mentoring Partnership is a four-month relationship between volunteer mentors and their mentees, who are new immigrants. The mentor provides professional advice on resumés, practice interviews and networking opportunities with other professionals in the same field.

At the end of the four months, the new immigrant has a better understanding of his or her profession within a Canadian context. In 2009, TD supported a national rollout of the mentoring model through the National Mentoring Initiative.

New immigrants in Halifax, Edmonton and Kitchener/Waterloo can participate in a mentoring partnership, with additional cities such as Vancouver and Montreal expected to become part of the program in 2010.


  • Since 2005, TD employees have completed over 550 mentoring relationships in the Toronto-based program.
  • Fifty-eight TD employees have been mentors more than once.
  • TD donated $440,675 over three years to support the launch of the National Mentoring Initiative in other Canadian cities.
  • In addition to financial support, TD has provided organizational expertise in supporting a national rollout.


“It’s a great chance to learn about different people and cultures and a good opportunity to build my coaching and leadership skills. Very eye-opening on the challenges faced by new Canadians in finding roles in Canada.” TD mentor