Employees at the Korean Harvest Festival

Our Commitments

An Employer and Bank of Choice

Becoming a more inclusive and diverse workplace is one of TD’s top priorities. Our goal is to create an extraordinary place to work for all employees regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, abilities or disabilities. Creating an inclusive workplace is a journey, rather than a destination and we are proud of our progress.

Every two years, we conduct a Diversity Inclusiveness Survey in Canada that lets us know if employees feel included. And 89% of respondents – 3% more than in 2007, indicated they felt TD was inclusive.

Each area of focus is championed by a senior TD leader. In 2009, the Group Head of Canadian Banking spent a morning in a wheelchair to experience the mobility challenges faced by employees and customers who use a wheelchair. Learn more about our Diversity Governance.

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TD was recognized as Best Employer for New Canadians in 2008 and 2009.

An Employer of Choice

We work hard every day to make TD an extraordinary place to work. That’s what attracts great people and that’s what makes them want to stay. If we want the best employees, we need to tap the broadest possible talent pool and be a place where people can reach their full potential.

Talent is scarce. As an employer of choice, we can attract and retain top-notch employees whose different backgrounds and varied points of view can help us compete and grow.

A Bank of Choice

We believe that the more our business reflects the diverse populations in the communities we serve, and the better we understand those populations, the more comfortable they will feel doing business with us. We want to be their bank of choice.