Talent Management and Training

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    “TD has a solid foundation and diversity framework in place. There is strong senior management commitment and accomplishments in diversity are abundant. As expected, the diversity journey is still in progress and there are opportunities for improvement.”

    Conclusion of a third-party employment systems review (ESR)

    Talent Management

    We aim to ensure that diversity and inclusion are integrated into all aspects of resource planning, performance and development, and personal career management at TD and that there are no systemic barriers or biases in our policies, processes and practices.

    In keeping with Employment Equity Act requirements, in 2010 we commissioned a third-party review of all our Canadian employment systems. Feedback from this review will identify opportunities for improvement that we will incorporate into future plans in Canada and the U.S.

    Training and Development

    We embed diversity and inclusion principles into both formal and informal learning so that employees can understand and discuss key topics. All our leadership programs incorporate diversity and inclusion training. In addition we provide:

    • People Managers Embracing Diversity – for all leaders who manage people across Canada. Based on feedback, we have put particular focus on increasing sensitivity to the black community, LBGT issues and intolerance with language issues for new immigrants.
    • Micro-Inequities training: Over 1,200 executives and people managers completed this training program as part of Leading Diversity @ TD in 2010.
    • Value of Allies: In 2010, over 1,200 employees across Canada attended these sessions aimed at helping all employees understand their role in creating an inclusive culture.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act: Training for our U.S. human resources employees focused on the Americans with Disabilities Act to help them improve their skills at executing policies correctly and fairly for employees with disabilities.
    • Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines cover best practices for people who are or may be transgender. The guidelines are intended to help them, their coworkers, people managers and HR representatives create a more inclusive environment. These guidelines also help employees work with customers who are transgender.

    What We’re Working On

    Diversity and Inclusion e-Learning: So far all of our formal programs have focused on those who manage others. In 2011, we will be launching an online diversity awareness training program for all employees in Canada and the U.S. We will also launch training for employees serving customers with disabilities.