Our Approach

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    We take a holistic, three-pronged view of diversity and inclusion in our business activities: in how we recruit, manage and develop employees; how we serve our customers and market ourselves; and how we contribute to our communities.

    While we’re gaining momentum, we know that becoming more diverse and inclusive takes time and commitment and we are still on the early stages of our journey.

    2010 Challenges Our Response
    • We face a continuing challenge recruiting people from the black, Hispanic and Aboriginal communities and people with disabilities.
    • Targeted recruitment continues to be a top priority. We promote TD as an employer of choice and work to build TD’s profile with these communities.
    • It is difficult to fully assess the number of employees with disabilities at TD. Not all employees identify themselves, especially if their workplace or working environment needs have already been accommodated.
    • We continue to encourage all employees to complete our Diversity Employment Equity and Diversity Inclusiveness surveys in Canada and our New Hire Employee Information profile and Employee Experience Pulse survey demographic information in the U.S. to help us better understand whether we are making progress toward our objectives.