Our Approach

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    Our people are at the heart of making TD The Better Bank. That’s why becoming an extraordinary place to work continued to be a high priority in 2010. TD employees define an “extraordinary workplace” as a place where all employees have opportunities to grow personally and professionally and where their views are heard and respected.

    In 2010, we revised our corporate mission to include the words “unique and inclusive employee culture” to underscore how important our employees are and to ensure that we create an environment where every employee can grow and contribute in a way that best supports them and our business.

    2010 Challenges Our Response
    • Many of our executives will be eligible to retire over the next five years with potential impact on the knowledge, experience and leadership abilities within TD.
    • Continued focus on training, skills and leadership development.
    • Succession planning deeper in the organization.
    • Creation of new Build for the Future Pipeline training for managers below the executive level.
    • Global competition for top talent continues.
    • Increased recruitment activity at North American campuses; continuation of innovative programs, sponsorships and diversity initiatives to attract candidates from broad talent pools.
    • Communication with the new generation of employees accustomed to the speed, responsiveness and inclusiveness of electronic and social media.
    • Creation of a digital communications and social media team.
    • Developed an Electronic Communication policy and training for employees.
    • Intranet communication offers feedback capability.
    • Creating a universal culture in a geographically dispersed organization.
    • Revised the TD strategic framework that clearly establishes who we are and what we expect of our employees.