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TD was the first bank in Canada to offer a dedicated social customer service team on Twitter and Facebook. We quickly address customer feedback provided through these sites and monitor our response times seven days a week, 24 hours a day - including holidays.

Handling Complaints

Our commitment to customer service excellence includes resolving complaints as quickly and smoothly as we can. In place of a complaints department, TD has a very effective problem resolution process. We connect customers who have a concern or complaint with TD employees who can help.

When complaints are not resolved, customers can contact the Senior Customer Complaints Office in Canada or the Chairman's Service Centre in the U.S. These offices strive to come to a resolution that is timely, fair and reasonable to both the customer and the Bank.

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More information on the Senior Customer Complaints Office

"In an organization where hundreds of thousands of customer interactions occur daily, mistakes are going to happen, and customers are going to feel let down. Having a fair and responsive complaint-resolution system for customers to turn to in these moments of frustration is a valuable part of the service we provide." - Kerry Robbins, VP, Senior Customer Complaints Office