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Product Responsibility

Our products and services are designed to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Across our businesses, we have checks and balances in place, to support adherence to our corporate values and selling practices.
  • Employees who interact with customers receive training on product features, Know Your Customer policies, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Branch and phone-based sales representatives are trained to use online discussion tools in their conversations with customers, and these tools prompt employees to discuss with our customers their financial needs and the various options to meet them, ask the right questions and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • We have established a Value for Money framework in Canada that we use to develop products and services that give customers clear value choices. The value that customers receive for the price they pay is also explained to employees so they can help customers make informed choices that best meet their needs.


Using clear language is a cornerstone of delivering a legendary customer experience. We want our customers to properly understand their financial rights, obligations and how our products and services work so they can make informed financial decisions. In Canada TD has Clear Language Principles that guide our employees and a Clear Language Basics course to help train employees when writing customer documentation. In 2017, in Canada we undertook an exercise to enhance the way we communicate to customers via letter and email. Using customer surveys and focus groups, we tested 12 priority communications about account changes and credit cards, and the feedback helped us develop a list of 16 best practices to use in future communications to customers.