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TD Bank Group(TD) will not ask you to provide personal information, or login information such as usernames, passwords, PINs, IdentificationPlus security questions and answers, or account numbers, through unsolicited email.

From time to time, fraudulent emails are circulated claiming to have been issued by Canadian financial institutions, requesting customers verify their personal and/or financial or insurance information. These fraudulent emails, also known as "phishing" emails, can be deceiving as fraudsters will hijack brand names of legitimate businesses in the hopes that the recipient will respond. Customers are often asked to click on a link in the email that directs them to a pop-up window or modified online financial login page to enter their login ID or username and password.

If you receive such an email claiming to be from TD Bank Group and you believe it to be fraudulent, do not reply or click any links or open attachments found in the emailReport it by following our phishing reporting procedures.

If you act on any such email, you may compromise your financial information. Remember, your password and your PIN should never be shared with anyone, even if they claim to represent your financial institution or insurance company.

On occasion, TD Bank Group will send you an email about better servicing your needs, responding to your email request or offering you a new product or service. At no time will we ask you to reply to an email with account numbers, usernames, passwords, PINs, IdentificationPlus questions and answers, or other personal information, because unencrypted email is not secure. If the email provides the option of a response, you will be asked to contact us by phone or visit one of our secure websites. When you are provided with the secure site’s URL, always type the URL directly into the address bar and verify the website name to ensure you are visiting one of our secure sites. Please visit our smart online usage section for additional information on how to identify our secure sites. If you are ever unsure of the legitimacy of any information you receive from us, do not reply but report it immediately.

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