How we can use your personal information

Providing our products and services to you and managing our business

We use your information to help us deliver and manage our products and services. Including when we:

  • verify your identity
  • communicate with you
  • comply with regulatory reporting obligations 
  • assess your eligibility for credit
  • prevent and detect fraud

Use of technology to analyze your information

We use your information for the purposes of serving you and to administer our business, and we may use technology to analyze your information, including to:

  1. verify your identity

  2. evaluate and process your application, accounts, transactions and reports

  3. provide you with ongoing service and information on the products and services you hold with us

  4. train staff and confirm our discussions with you

  5. help inform the advice we may give you for  products and services

  1. develop and improve our products and services or identify new or different products and services that may be of interest and appropriate for you

  2. understand your needs and give you personalized service

  3. Identify trends in how our products and services are used

  4. set credit, transaction, overdraft, and hold limits

  5. help manage and assess our risks, operations and relationship with you

  6. help us collect a debt or enforce an obligation you owe us

We may pool your information with other peoples’ information for research and to create statistical reports. These reports will not identify you.

In some cases, the use and disclosure of your information is a core part of the product or service. In these cases, if you don't agree with this use and disclosure, you may need to choose a different product or service.

Insurance products & services

For insurance products and services, we also use your information as follows:

  • When you apply for, request prescreening for, or renew an insurance product, we will use it to assess your eligibility, underwrite insurance and determine the right product, premium or coverage
  • When you modify or make a claim under an insurance product, we will use it to process, adjudicate and investigate claims, conduct surveillance, verify the information you provide in your application and detect and prevent fraud.

How we collect, share, disclose and protect your personal information

We need to collect certain information about you to provide our products and services. Learn more about why and how we collect your personal information.