How we can use your personal information

Interacting with TD online

When you interact with TD online or in our apps, we collect, use and disclose your information to deliver our services, improve and personalize your experience, prevent fraud and customize how we advertise on third party websites and apps.

Use of web based and tracking tools

We, and third parties that we select, use certain technologies and tracking tools on our websites and apps to deliver our service, improve and personalize your experience and prevent fraud. As one example, we use cookies. Cookies are snippets of data stored by a web browser (For example, Chrome, Safari or Firefox web browsers). We also use pixels, beacons, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and other technologies. We call these "web based tools".

Essential web based tools

  1. We use essential web based tools to provide the functionality and security of your online and mobile experience, and to help us detect, prevent and investigate fraud. For example, this allows us to remember your language preferences and provide a secure connection.

  2. These tools may collect information about your usage of our website and apps, including your typing and cursor patterns while you are using our secure sites and apps.

  3. You can't opt-out of the use of these tools, but you may be able to disable the ability for your browser to accept them. If you disable them, some of our websites might not work properly and you may not get the best experience. For example, you will not be able to access our secure websites. This is because we use these tools for security purposes on our secure websites.  

Non-essential web based tools

  1. Performance 

    We, as well as third parties we select, collect and use non-essential web based tools to tell us about the performance and usage of our sites and apps. These tools help us to understand which pages you go to most often and if you encounter errors or performance issues. These tools also help us measure and analyze the traffic on our online services by establishing statistics and traffic volumes (e.g., pages visited or features used). 

  2. Targeting 

    We, as well as third parties we select, collect and use your online browsing and activity on our websites and apps to better understand your interests and provide you with personalized content and offers. This may also include information about the products or services you are applying for. 

    This information may be used by those third party companies in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

    This information may also be used to build a profile of your interests, to personalize your content and present you with relevant offers, including on third party sites.

    When you log in to our secure sites, we may associate this online browsing activity with your customer profile. This may include your current or past use of our TD websites and apps.

    You may review a list of third parties and their privacy policies by using the Manage Online Experience link.

    You have choices about how we use non-essential web based tools. To update your preferences, use the Manage Online Experience link.

    If you adjust your browser settings to refuse web based tools, you may still receive generic TD ads. However, they will not be based on your preferences or the products and services that you hold with us.

Online Advertising

We subscribe to the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada's Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. These principles promote consumer awareness and choice about how organizations use consumer information for online behavioural advertising.

We are able to track which of our ads you interact with on third party websites. We may also collect and use information about your relationship with us (such as types of accounts, transactional information or how you bank) to help provide tailored TD ads or offers to you. If you click on one of our ads on a third party website, we may use web based tools. We use web based tools to track how effective our online advertising is. We may also use web based tools to deliver ads that may be relevant to you in the future.

To learn more about online behaviour advertising and the icon you might see on websites and online ads, you can visit the TRUSTe's online opt-out tool. It is available at:

We have enabled these Google Analytics Advertising Features:

·         Re-Marketing with Google Analytics, and

·         Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting

We use Google Analytics to better understand your use of our website. The tool collects information about user behaviour, which includes how many times a user visits our website, what pages they visit and where they were referred from. Advertising identifiers for mobile devices, as well as generalized location, gender and age group information may also be collected. Google may use the data collected for their own purposes, including to contextualize and personalize the ads on their own advertising networks.

To learn more about how Google uses data when you visit websites using Google Analytics, click here. You may opt out of Google Analytics tracking. To do this, install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On. You may opt out of ad serving on Google’s opt-out page.

We may collect and use information about your relationship with us to help decide which ads or offers to present to you and to identify other people with similar interests on the websites of companies who help us advertise. For example, we may match your masked contact information with social media or other sites and, if you are a member of that site, use it to show you or others with similar interests our ads. Those sites may track how you interact with our ads. We won't do this if you have opted out of receiving marketing from TD or have opted out of relationship based ads with your social media or webmail sites.

You can view your settings and opt-out of receiving relationship-based ads by updating your settings on your social media or webmail sites.

We advertise on search engine results pages. Search engines may use several factors to decide which ads to place, including your search terms and browsing history.

You can opt-out of interest-based search engine advertising. Just select the notification icon after the URL within the ad text to adjust your settings. You may still see our generic TD-branded ads after you opt-out. These are not based on your interests or browsing.

We place surveys on third-party websites. When you respond to an online survey, we may use your answers or any opinions or information that you volunteer to improve our products or services or to contact you.

Our mobile apps

If you use a TD mobile app, we collect and use your information to deliver and improve our mobile app services, help us understand how our users use our apps, authenticate you, keep the TD mobile app secure and prevent fraud.

We advertise to you on third party apps. To do this, we use your device identifier. For example: Apple’s Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA), or Google Advertising ID (AAID).

Find below the type of information we collect on our mobile apps and how we use it:

Financial information (including transactional data) and other information you provide through our apps or you have allowed our apps to obtain.

How we use this information:

To give you certain services through our apps.

Location information such as Geolocation: If enabled, the approximate physical location of your device.

Mobile Country Code: A three digit number that indicates the country in which your mobile device is registered. For example, 302 is the mobile country code for Canada.

How we use this information:

Depending on the app, for regulatory and security purposes, or to provide you with location-based services (such as to find a TD branch nearby).

With your consent, we may also collect and use your location information to generate and notify you of events and offers.

A unique numerical label that identifies your device and allows it to communicate over a computer network.

How we use this information:

  • Communicate with your device
  • Provide you with services
  • Identify your region for legal and regulatory purposes
  • Authenticate you and for security purposes (including fraud prevention)
  • Present offers relevant to your region

Google Maps: to provide location information that you request. To support features such as Severe Weather and Safety Alerts. When using the our apps, you agree to the collection, processing and storing of the data that is automatically gathered by Google LLC., its representatives and/or third parties. For more information, visit Google Maps Platform Terms of Service.

How we use this information:

With your consent, to populate contact information for certain transactions (such as a Interac® e Transfer). Only the contacts you select will be shared with TD.

How we use this information:

With your consent, to populate information for certain transactions (such as remote cheque deposit, or to provision cards for mobile payments®).

  • Mobile device identification number (IMEI);
  • MAC address;
  • Device ID: A unique number that identifies your device;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • Make and model of your device;
  • Operating system of your device;
  • Information about your device's screen size;
  • Date and time of your use of the mobile app.
  • Mobile Marketing ID -IDFA, AAID (if enabled)
  • A listing of the applications installed on your device.


How we use this information:
  • Identify and communicate with your device (for example, push notifications)
  • Use and provide cards for Mobile Payment (e.g., payment network requirements for Visa*, Mastercard® and Interac® networks)
  • Authenticate you and your device
  • Provide you with services and offers compatible with your device
  • Perform analytics
  • Prevent fraud
  • Determine the eligibility of your device
  • Generate and send TD advertising on third party apps

  • Device orientation and movement;
  • Tapping, typing and swiping patterns.
  • A listing of the applications installed on your device.

How we use this information:

To detect and prevent fraud

How we use this information:

Allow your device and your wearables and accessories to communicate with our apps.

Android app permissions

When you download any of our apps on an Android device, those apps may ask you to accept some "Android permissions". Some of these Android permissions relate to how we are going to use your information.

Our apps may ask you to consent to these Android permissions the first time you download the app.  Or when you access specific features in our apps. Below we list these additional Android permissions requested by our apps and why.

How we use this information:

When multitasking, our apps may use device and app history to retrieve the app from the background and to keep you logged in for up to 10 minutes.

How we use this information:

To make phone calls when you initiate "one-touch" dialing to TD branches and EasyLine from within our apps. TD will not access your phone log.

How we use this information:

To read credit card information securely stored on the SIM card and to access the Android Google Maps service for TD location.

How we use this information:

Our apps check for and use an active internet connection to allow the app to function through communication with TD servers.

How we use this information:

  • Identify and Communicate with your device
  • Authenticate you and your device
  • Provide you with services and offers compatible with your device,
  • Perform analytics
  • Prevent fraud
  • Determine the eligibility of your device for certain services

How we use this information:

Facilitate NFC point of sale purchases

How we collect, share, disclose and protect your personal information

We need to collect certain information about you to provide our products and services. Learn more about why and how we collect your personal information.