Connecting Canadians through Music

Supporting organizations that promote and celebrate Canadian music, we’re proud to sponsor 100s of events – connecting fans with diverse artists.

Bringing Canadians together through music

TD Music supports artists and content creators and assists with producing virtual and in-person performances nationally.

TD Music Connected Series is back for its third year, showcasing diverse artists across Canada.

Presented by TD Music and curated by Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI), the 2023 live events will showcase a diverse mix of emerging artists across Canada.

2023 schedule coming soon.

TD Music Connected Series - Union Station

Watch the series come to life at Toronto's Union Station featuring some of Canada's best musical talent.

  • Watch Sacha's soulful live sound travel through Toronto's Union Station’s acoustically beautiful Great Hall.

  • Watch and feel as Naomi Cowan's vocals reach the vaulted ceilings of Union Station in this exclusively recorded, late-night performance.

  • Watch this intimate and echo-filled midnight performance of piano solos by Elijah Woods, set in the Great Hall, acoustic centre of Union Station.

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Helping you plan for what’s ahead

Our financial tools and products can help you plan for the small things and for the big moments in your life.

  • Plan your next adventure

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  • Calculate your costs for the school year

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Supporting Sports in Canada

We proudly sponsor sporting organizations and events to help strengthen our teams and surrounding communities.