Plan Highlights

  • High interest rate
    Earn interest calculated daily, when your account balance is $10,000 or more.
  • Free online transfers
    Enjoy unlimited free online transfers to your other TD deposit accounts2
  • Automated Savings
    You can make savings part of your everyday life with our Automated Savings services
  • Additional account benefits
    Free paperless record keeping or online statements

Account Fees

Monthly Fee


Transaction Fee3

$5.00 each

Free Online Transfers2


Non-TD ATM Fee (in Canada)4

$2.00 each

Foreign ATM Fee (in U.S., Mexico)4

$3.00 each

Foreign ATM Fees (in any other foreign country)4

$5.00 each

Our savings account interest rates

Earn interest and save

Whether you're saving for the future or for a large purchase, we can help you achieve your goals with a savings account that fits your needs.

Benefits of banking with TD

  • Pre-authorized Transfer Service

    You decide how much you want to save and how often. Learn more.

  • Simply Save Program

    Automatically help grow your savings every time you use your TD Access Card. Learn more.

  • TD app

    The TD app lets you bank and trade securely whenever it's comfortable for you. Learn more.

  • TD MySpend

    Paired with the TD app, TD MySpend keeps track of your monthly spending and helps improve your spending habits. Learn more.

  • TD Mobile Deposit

    Deposit cheques as soon as you receive them, so you can spend more time doing the things you want5Learn more.

  • Online Statements

    Sign up for email notifications to let you know that your online statements are ready for viewing. It's convenient and flexible. Learn more.

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Deposit Insurance

Your deposits may be insurable by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.