Collecting, sharing, disclosing and protecting your personal information

Beginning & maintaining a relationship with us

We need to collect certain information about you to provide our products and services. This may include your contact information,  information about whether you are eligible for our products and services and records that reflect our overall relationship with you. We may also need other information depending on the product or service we’re providing.

Information we collect from you

The information we may collect includes:

  1. Contact information
    Such as your name, address, phone number, email address and preferred language.

  2. Background information
    Such as your date of birth, occupation and employer, financial information, identification, Social Insurance Number (SIN) and in some cases, information about your spouse, family or household members.

  3. Identity information
    Information to help confirm your identity and protect your accounts such as your signature samples, answers to security questions, mobile phone number, device identifiers, device usage behaviour (such as keystroke patterns), IP address, third party verification or background details, and images, and biometric information (such as voiceprint recording) where you have chosen to provide it to us.

  4. TD record
    Information that reflects your dealings with us, and through us, such as your account or credit card transactions and records of inquiries by phone, online or in person.

  1. Family or trustee information
    Information you give us about others such as your spouse, family and household members, parties to contracts and your Trusted Contact Person.

  2. Relationship & interaction information with TD
    Information about your relationship and interactions with us, such as your personal preferences and what products and services you have with us.

  3. Details about the way you interact with TD
    Such as how you use our websites, mobile apps and phone services, the devices you connect from and their settings, including: geolocation (if enabled on your device), country code, contact list (with your express consent), IP address-associated location, photos that you submit, date and time of your use.

    See the Interacting with TD online section for more details on information we collect through our websites and mobile apps.

You can choose what information to give us

To meet government tax reporting obligations, we need your SIN for products that generate interest or investment income. For all other products and services, it is your choice whether you give us your SIN. You can make this choice when you fill out forms that request your SIN or when you meet with a TD Advisor.

In some cases you have a choice about what information to give us. For example, you can choose if you want to give us your voiceprint for telephone banking services or your preferred mailing address. We may ask you for consent in these cases when you first apply for a product or service or when you first use a channel such as telephone banking or a mobile app.

If you don't want to have your call recorded, you can let us know and we can provide you with other options for most services. You can also:

  • visit us at any branch
  • use EasyWeb® Internet banking
  • use automated teller machines (ATM or ATMs)

If you don't want to have your image recorded at branches or at automated teller machines, you have other options for most services. You can:

  • use EasyWeb Internet banking
  • use EasyLine® telephone banking

You can give us your preferred or chosen name to use when we communicate with you. In some cases, we will need to use your legal name. For example, on account statements.

We do not collect information from minors or those we know do not have legal capacity, without their legal guardian’s consent, unless required or permitted by law.

Information we collect from other sources

We may collect information about you from sources within TD or outside of TD. These sources include:

  1. government and law enforcement agencies and registries

  2. public records, such as bankruptcy or criminal records

  3. credit bureaus, such as Equifax or TransUnion

  4. other financial or lending institutions. For example, if you have credit accounts with other banks

  5. fraud prevention agencies and investigators and other organizations to detect or prevent fraud

  6. background check databases and other registries we use to check the information you give us

  7. payment card networks

  1. merchants or dealers involved in the sale of property to you that is being financed by TD, such as a car dealership

  2. your Trusted Contact Person or any person who has the legal authority to act on your behalf

  3. companies, organizations, partners and financial institutions you have accounts with, when we buy or sell all or part of a business, or a set of assets. Or who transfer or assign to us any of your loans, leases or other obligations owed to them. Or when we consider those transactions

  4. your interactions with us, including in-person, over the phone, at the ATM, on your mobile device or through email or the Internet. Including cameras at our property and records of your use of our products and services

Information we collect for insurance products & services

For insurance products and services, we may collect additional information including health-related information from:

  • any health care professional, medically-related facility, insurance company, government agency, organizations who manage public information data banks, or insurance information bureaus, including MIB, LLC (applies to health and life insurance) and the Insurance Bureau of Canada, that have knowledge of your personal information
  • a personal investigation report prepared in connection with verifying and/or authenticating the information you provide in your life or health insurance application or as part of the claims process
  • external investigators, including through surveillance when investigating claims
  • other people or organizations who may have information relevant to a claim we are investigating or confirming such as witnesses of events

How we collect your information

In some cases, information will only be collected from these sources once, such as when you apply for a product or service. In other cases, information will be collected or created on an ongoing basis when necessary to maintain the product or service or confirm your eligibility. For example, information from credit reporting agencies may be required throughout your relationship with TD to confirm that you remain eligible for credit products.

In many cases, in order to collect information from the sources described above, we will disclose some of your information in order to help ensure we are collecting accurate information about you.

How we use your personal information

We use your information to help us deliver and manage our products and services and for the purposes of serving you and to administer our business.