The TD Ready Challenge

The TD Ready Challenge is an annual North American initiative that has up to ten $1 million (CAD) grants available to catalyze innovative solutions for a changing world. Recipients will be organizations that have scalable solutions that will help open doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

This new signature initiative, created and funded by TD, is a key component to delivering on the bank’s new corporate citizenship platform, The Ready Commitment.

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ACCES Employment logo

ACCES Employment

ACCES delivers employment programs to help individuals to overcome barriers to find employment. Their vision for the future is a fully inclusive labour force that reflects the skills, diversity, and experience of Canada's population.

Initiative: Women in Technology (WiT)
The Women in Technology (WiT) initiative will work to provide immigrant women with training and employer connections to secure IT related jobs in high-growth fields such as programming and cybersecurity. WiT will extend the reach of existing ACCES programs for women including START and Empowering Women. Training will be provided by ACCES in collaboration with an academic institution and participants will connect directly with hiring employers through a range of mentoring initiatives, guest speaker events and experiential learning projects. Participants will develop essential technical and soft skills to help them achieve success. Once they graduate, they will be given a chance to mentor and coach other learners.

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Byte Back logo

Byte Back

Byte Back connects communities with inclusive tech training and pathways into living-wage careers. 28 million low-tech jobs in the US have disappeared since 20021. Byte Back trains adults with low tech skills and helps them move up from beginners’ courses into recognized tech certifications and jobs in less than a year. Other wraparound and career services help adult learners overcome barriers and launch life-changing careers in the digital economy.

Initiative: Byte Back Ready: Proven Pathways to Economic Success
The need for Byte Back doesn’t stop at Washington, DC’s borders. That’s why Byte Back is scaling. With support from The Ready Challenge, the 21-year-old organization will move to expand into Baltimore to bring its free tech career training to diverse communities. Byte Back will work to help more people change their lives, providing them with cutting-edge training to fully participate in the digital economy in tech-based living-wage careers.

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Canada Learning Code logo

Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code designs, delivers, and partners with technology education programs for Canadians. They place special emphasis on reaching communities which are under-represented in the tech sector. Canada Learning Code envisions a prosperous Canada in which all people have the knowledge and confidence to harness the power of technology to help achieve economic and personal fulfillment.

Initiative: Unlocking the Power of Code – Digital Literacy Education for Adults
Towards their goal of a Canada where everyone has the knowledge and confidence to harness the power of technology, their national initiative will offer adults hands-on, accessible learning experiences, designed to help give beginners the technical knowledge they need to thrive in our rapidly changing job market.

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L’École des entrepreneurs du Québec logo

L’École des entrepreneurs du Québec

L’École des entrepreneurs du Québec (EEQ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create, acquire and grow their business by helping them to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Initiative: Prévisio Software with Financial Literacy Training

The EEQ has found that entrepreneurs have great difficulty in their ability to make financial forecasts that better enable them to evaluate the viability of their projects and make better strategic decisions based on their business’ results.
In 2000, EEQ created a financial forecasting tool, Prévisio, in addition to a financial forecasting training course. Over 10,000 entrepreneurs have used this PC software application. There is a need to leverage this solution to make it accessible, cloud-based, mobile first, bilingual (French/English) with assisted technology. Financial literacy interactive training modules will help complete the solution.

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JEVS Human Services logo

JEVS Human Services

JEVS Human Services believes that all people deserve to live with dignity. Each year JEVS helps 30,000 individuals facing barriers to independence to succeed with hands-on skills training, contextualized academics, community-based wellness supports, and job placement services. JEVS serves those with physical, developmental, and behavioral challenges; justice-involved individuals; and those who are unemployed and under-employed.

Initiative: JEVS-College for America - Greater Philadelphia Area
The JEVS-College for America Philadelphia Project addresses the inaccessibility and impracticality of post-secondary education for individuals from low-income families. This collaborative effort with Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America (CfA) will provide an accessible, flexible and affordable degree programs, preparing them for the demands of work. CVS Health joined this partnership to provide access to living wage jobs with training and opportunities for career progression.

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Jobs for the Future logo Audacious Futures logo

Jobs for the Future & Audacious Futures

Jobs for the Future (JFF) is a leading nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems. JFFLabs, the innovation engine of JFF, accelerates technology-enabled solutions that create positive change.
Audacious Futures is a Canadian innovation launchpad that designs and builds solutions that empower individuals, organizations, and societies to become and stay future ready.

Scaling FutureFit AI – The Navigation Map for the Future of Work and Learning
Through a unique, cross-border partnership, these two organizations will scale FutureFit AI, the Navigation Map for the future of work & learning.
FutureFit AI, an AI-powered upskilling and reskilling solution, helps power people at every stage of their work lives to explore the world of careers and skills; set a “destination”; get “located” based on their skills and abilities; choose from recommended personalized “pathways”; and receive supports along those paths.

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Public Health Management Corporation logo

Public Health Management Corporation

Public Health Management Corporation, located in the Greater Philadelphia region, is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive public health organizations. To address the social determinants of health, they offer a myriad of integrated health and social services that help improve the physical, behavioral, social and economic well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Initiative: Code for Success: Financial Wellness through Tech-Focused Workforce Development
PHMC will facilitate successful entry to high-paying careers in technology and health care for at-risk youth. This “super-vitamin” program blends evidenced based workforce development curriculum, real world technology skills training, and comprehensive health and human services. The combination of skills, job readiness, and wellness will help enable youth to access and maintain income security.

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Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology logo

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

With campuses in Toronto, York Region and Peterborough and partners around the world, Seneca offers degrees, graduate certificates, diplomas and certificates in more than 300 full-time, part-time and online programs. Seneca’s credentials are renowned for their quality and respected by employers. Co-op and work placements, applied research projects, entrepreneurial opportunities and the latest technology ensure that graduates are highly skilled and ready to work.

Initiative: TD-HELIX Transformation Initiative
The TD-HELIX Transformation Initiative is an innovative approach to the challenge of re-skilling mid-career professionals at risk of job loss due to disruptive changes in the labour market. Instead of simply training those individuals for another career, Seneca’s model is to change their career DNA — helping to transform them into creative thinkers, designers, problem solvers, collaborators, communicators, and to build-up their resilience as they navigate the ever-changing employment landscape and prepare for the economy of the future.

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Windmill Microlending logo

Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending supports professionally trained immigrants, including refugees, who arrive in Canada equipped with professional skills and knowledge, but who face significant barriers to employment. They lack income, collateral and credit history in Canada. Without access to mainstream credit to pay for accreditation costs in order to work in their field in Canada, they often find themselves trapped in low paying survival jobs or facing unemployment.

Initiative: Increasing Income Stability for Skilled Immigrants
Windmill Microlending provides low-interest, character-based loans of up to $10,000 to skilled immigrants to fund the costs of training and re-certification, as well as support and guidance to clients to help unlock their education and experience in Canada. Windmill Microlending currently serves approximately 1700 internationally trained professionals in Canada. By 2023, Windmill would like to help support 15,000 new Canadians to achieve greater prosperity and financial security.

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The WoodGreen Foundation logo

The WoodGreen Foundation

WoodGreen Community Services is a large, multi-service agency with a proven track record, focused on seeking innovative solutions to critical social needs. WoodGreen enhances self-sufficiency, promotes well-being, reduces poverty and creates new paths to opportunity for 37,000 people each year.

Initiative Title: ACCELERATING POSSIBILITIES: Creating Sustainable Pathways to Success in a Changing Landscape
Accelerating Possibilities: Creating Sustainable Pathways to Success in a Changing Landscape is a multi-faceted initiative to help decrease income volatility and optimize employment opportunities for mid-career workers, in a rapidly changing labour market. Aided by technology, leveraging wrap-around supports and scaling existing programs, WoodGreen’s solution will utilize an evidence-based, case management model approach through four streams: Super Job Seeker; Entrepreneurship; College Ready; and Internationally Trained Workers. Accelerating Possibilities will help to fast-track participants to greater financial stability and sustainable employment, helping to position them to succeed in the future.

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