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Corporate Information

Executive Profiles

Bharat Masrani Bharat Masrani
Group President and Chief Executive Officer
TD Bank Group
Riaz Ahmed Riaz Ahmed
Group Head and Chief Financial Officer
TD Bank Group
Greg Braca Greg Braca
Executive Vice President, TD Bank Group and
President and CEO, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®
Norie Campbell Norie Campbell
Group Head and General Counsel
TD Bank Group
Mark Chauvin Mark Chauvin
Group Head and Chief Risk Officer
TD Bank Group
Mark Chauvin Sue Cummings
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
TD Bank Group
Teri Currie Teri Currie
Group Head, Canadian Personal Banking
TD Bank Group
Bob Dorrance Bob Dorrance
Group Head, Wholesale Banking, TD Bank Group and Chairman CEO & President, TD Securities
Bob Dorrance Paul Douglas
Executive Vice President, Canadian Business Banking
TD Bank Group
Colleen Johnston Colleen Johnston
Group Head Direct Channels, Technology, Marketing and Corporate & Public Affairs
TD Bank Group
Colleen Johnston Kenn Lalonde
Executive Vice President, Insurance, TD Bank Group and President & CEO, TD Insurance
TD Bank Group
Frank McKenna Frank McKenna
Deputy Chair
TD Bank Group
Leo Salom Leo Salom
Executive Vice President, Wealth Management
TD Bank Group