How to send a Visa Direct Transfer on EasyWeb

Step 1

From the left-hand navigation menu, select Visa Direct.

Step 2

In the Send money for this account dropdown list, select the account you want to send the money from.

Step 3

In the To this recipient dropdown list, select the account number that you're sending the money to.

If your recipient list is empty, you'll need to add a new account number first before you can send money using Visa Direct.

If the recipient account is in another country, the CAD amount you send will be converted to the currency of the recipient account.

Step 4

In the Amount to be sent field, enter how much you want to send, up to CAD $2,500.

Keep in mind, there are limits and associated fees to sending money using Visa Direct.

Step 5

On the bottom-left side of the screen, select the Next button.

Step 6

Before you send the money, take a minute to review the information you've entered.

If you need to change anything, select the Back button.

Step 7

If everything looks good, select the Send Money button.

Congratulations, now you know how to send a Visa Direct Transfer with EasyWeb!

Try it now in EasyWeb.

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