How to send a Visa Direct Transfer on EasyWeb

Step 1: Find the Send Now link

Select Global Transfers

From the Accounts screen, select the Global Transfers option from the left menu.

Select Send Now

Select the Send Now link from the Visa Direct section of the Global Transfers screen.

Step 2: Enter transfer information

Select money source account

Select an account to fund the transaction from the Send money from this account dropdown menu.

Select recipient

Select the person or business you would like to send money to from the To this recipient dropdown menu.

Select Modify Recipient to make changes to recipient information.

Select Add Recipient to add a new person or business.

Enter money amount

Enter the amount of money you want to send in the Amount to be sent field.

There's a maximum amount you'll be able to send over time:

  • $2,500 every 24 hours (CAD or USD)
  • $10,000 every 7 days (CAD only)
  • $25,000 every 30 days (CAD only)
Enter reason for transfer

Describe the purpose of this transfer in the Reason for transfer field.

Ex. "Birthday gift".

Select Next

Select the Next button.

Step 3: Review and finish

Review information and Send Money

Review your transfer information and confirm that the source and destination are correct.

To make a change, select the Back button.

Select the Send Money button to transfer your funds.

Confirmation message and transfer sent

You'll see a message confirming that your transfer has been sent.

Your recipient should receive the funds within 24 – 48 hours.

Congratulations! You've completed this tutorial.

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