Let’s invest in you.

TD can help meet your investing goals – whatever your individual goals may be. Choose from several TD Mutual Funds and put your money to work with the fund that’s right for you.

Get $50 in 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Open a new RRSP or new TFSA1 by June 30, 2023.


  • 2

    Set up a Pre-Authorized Purchase Plan (PPP) to a TD Mutual Fund in the new RRSP or new TFSA with a minimum monthly investment amount of $50.

  • 3

    Maintain the PPP  in the new RRSP or new TFSA until November 30, 2023 (or longer).

Our Pre-Authorized Purchase Plan makes it easy to invest regularly.

Automate your savings and minimize the hard work and discipline. Recurring contributions may help you reach your financial goals faster, even during market downturns.

Set the amount of your contributions (as little as $25) and the frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually). Change either as often as you like or pause and restart the PPP anytime – it’s completely flexible because life and situations can change quickly.

No set up, pause or change fees, or any other additional fees. The contribution period is simply skipped if there are not enough funds in your account at the time of transaction.

Learn more about Pre-authorized Purchase Plans.

Based on a 4.77% annual return rate.
1PPP Contributions of $50/month and $150/month for 10 years.
2Source: Morningstar Direct. Based on annualized returns over a 10-year period of the Global Neutral Balanced Benchmark. Annualized returns to October 31, 2022.
For illustrative purposes only. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

How to choose between an RRSP and TFSA

RRSPs and TFSAs are both great options for saving. This section can help you decide which may be the right one for you.

  • TFSA

    • Offers tax-free earnings on your investments.
    • The TFSA contribution limit for 2023 is $6,500.
    • A TFSA is great for short-term or long-term goals.
  • RRSP

    • Investment income earned can grow tax-deferred.
    • Contribution limit of 18% of your earned income from the previous year, up to a maximum amount, subject to certain adjustments.
    • An RRSP is designed for saving for retirement.

Investment calculators

  • Use our compound interest calculator to see how your investments could grow over time. Input any timeframe and rate of return. 

  • Our TFSA calculator can help you see how much you will save over time, depending on the rate and amount of your contributions.

  • Our Retirement Calculator can help you see how much you need to contribute on a regular basis to reach your retirement goals.

Ready to open your new RRSP or new TFSA?

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    Meet with a Mutual Fund Representative at a branch or by phone for advice to help you meet your investing goals.

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